About  Us

Long story short

Dr. Robert Needham, JD, PhD,

author of Collaborative Commonwealth and numerous other books; visionary and thought leader for several online disruptive platforms called FreelancerNation.com, CollaborateNation.com, and ShOutNation App has discovered the secret of how we (the Crowd) can help others and earn income by owning your own micro-enterprise.

If you share and help others, you can get paid a profit on the products and services your referrals purchase.

In his book, Collaborative Commonwealth (available on Amazon), Dr. Needham envisions a hybrid business model which maximizes the full potential of the Sharing Economy.  Successful leaders must be agile, on-demand, disruptive and overcome zero marginal cost.

Dr. Needham leads the team of experts and instructors 7 Rings of Wisdom Webinar and On-line Course series.

Why a CoOp?

One of the oldest forms of business governance, a CoOp is an association of Members; who may be both Producers (those who offer products and services) and/or Consumers (those who use products and services); who collaborate by sharing information, sharing profits, education of members, and sharing discounts because of the group’s buying power.  The CoOp does not pay Share Members a commission for their performance in the success of the CoOp, but rather rewards Share Members with a share of the profits, called a pro-rata Patronage Refund based on their individual engagement with our platforms, Apps, products, and services.

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