About Us

We are on a mission to do something amazing for friends and neighbors; people we know and those we have yet to meet.  We are a team of likeminded people, who are diligently trying to bring a solution to the referral marketing industry, which we feel has failed miserably.  We believe that we should focus on the underserved masses, which are the majority. Typically, there are only a few that experience success in this industry, along with the company itself.

Economies are failing globally.  It is Power of 3²’s intention to reverse this trend and help as many people around the world as possible, financially and collectively, acting as a cooperative, and simply by “Paying It Forward”.

As a team we are doing exactly what we suggest you to do! This program was designed to offer our members the very best, not only for YOU but also for us. Championed by a team of advisors, experts and passionate volunteers that come together to deliver quality products and services to ALL the Power of 3² members.

Listening to our member affiliates allows us to produce quality education and training, designed to introduce and deliver online business marketing strategies, best practices and tools to enhance their individual business success.

Together we will change the outlook and the outcome of the future of referral marketing.

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